Pembina County Job Development Authority

The Pembina County JDA was one of the first county JDAs in North Dakota. The RRRC provides contracted professional services to the Pembina County JDA, which is governed by a Board of Directors.  The Board meets on a bi-monthly basis in rotating locations throughout Pembina County.

The Pembina County JDA explores new business development opportunities, supports local community development efforts, and provides financial and technical assistance to develop and implement development projects.

The Pembina County JDA is governed by a Board of Directors which includes the following members:

  • Lacey Hinkle, Chair
  • Ashley Nordstrom, Treasurer
  • Rep. David Monson
  • Commissioner Jim Benjaminson
  • Commissioner Darin Otto
  • Mary Houdek
  • Nathan Green
  • Elton Heuchert
  • Melissa Gapp
  • Kathy Stremick
  • Sherri Carattini
  • Casey Krieg
  • Sonia Misialek
  • Deanna Newell


Pembina County Self-Help Program

This program is for cities located in Pembina County to use for community betterment projects.

There are many ways communities can use these county funds for betterment projects. Examples of projects Pembina County communities have used the funds toward include playground equipment purchase, sidewalk replacement, city beautification, and city sewer line maintenance.

The main objective of this program is to promote development within the communities of Pembina County. Each city may submit up to two applications for two separate projects. Both projects are not required to be city projects. For example, the park district or other non-profit organization can apply for a project if agreed to by a city. However, a Pembina County city must be the applicant.

Program information and guidelines

2023 Pembina County Self Help Program Application