Finance Strategy and Packaging

When projects require debt financing, the RRRC assists in identifying the most appropriate financing options and developing a financing strategy that compliment the debt options provided by private lenders. There are a myriad of local, regional, state, federal, and private financing options available which require expertise in developing the optimum finance package. Financing is available for both private business development as well as public infrastructure improvements.

Steps the RRRC can take with our clientele to assist financing projects:

  • Research and outline a viable finance strategy
  • Convene the potential finance partners to discuss options
  • Develop financing applications
  • Attend financing request meetings
  • Manage funding through full disbursement (as needed)
  • Provide financing through one of the three RRRC loan programs

We work hand in hand with a variety of financing partners on a daily basis and like to refer to our partners as the “Capital SWOT Team”.